Courses taught

  • EEL3135: Signals and Systems
  • EEL4514C: Communication Systems and Components
  • EEL5544: Noise in Linear Systems
  • EEL5718: Computer Communications
  • EEL6503: Spread Spectrum and CDMA
  • EEL6524: Statistical Decision Theory
  • EEL6528: Digital Communications with Software-defined Radios
  • EEL6535: Digital Communications
  • EEL6935: Information Theory

Current Ph.D. Students

  • David Greene
  • Xiaoshan Wang

Current Master’s Students

  • Quan Pham

Current Undergraduate Research Students

  • Marco Menendez

Former Graduate Students

  • Eric Graves [Ph.D. 2013] (now with Army Research Lab)
  • Ryan Wong (co-chair with Dr. J. Shea) [Ph.D.]
  • Debdeep Chatterjee [Ph.D.] (now with Intel)
  • RaviTeja Chinta [MSEE 2009] (now with Motorola)
  • Yoav Levinbook [Ph.D. 2007] (now with Aminmon, Israel)
  • Saravanan Vijayakumaran [Ph.D. 2007] (now with IIT Bombay, India)
  • Sandeep Aedudodla [Ph.D. 2006] (now with Qualcom)
  • Li Xin [Ph.D. 2006] (now with Broadcom)
  • Yong Liu [Ph.D. 2005] (now with Conexant)
  • Byungseo Kim (co-chair with Dr. Y. Fang) [Ph.D. 2004] (now with Hongik University, South Korea)
  • Deniz Rende [Ph.D. 2004] (now with Qualcom)
  • Beomjin Park [Ph.D. 2004] (now with Samsung Telecom, Korea)
  • Scott Kennedy [MSEE 2004] (now with Schlumberger)
  • Li Gao [Ph.D. 2002] (now with Qualcom)
  • Hojin Kim [MSEE 2001] (now with Samsung Telecom, Korea))
  • Priyadevi Jayapal [MSEE 2001] (now with Intel)
  • Sangita Subramanian [MSEE 1999] (now with Analog Devices)

Past Visitors

  • Dr. Sule Yener (Ph.D. graduate at Cukurova University, Turkey)
  • Prof. Dong-Seog Han (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
  • Dr. Ashish Pandharipande (Philips Research, Netherlands)